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  • 'Pure' Twin Silver Bangle no. 280
  • 'Pure' Twin Silver Bangle no. 280
  • 'Pure' Twin Silver Bangle no. 280
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elodie jewellery

'Pure' Twin Silver Bangle no. 280

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  • Handcrafted


The two wiry arms of this fine silver bangle interact to create beautiful shapes out of thin air. Timeless and striking, this beautiful bangle will make for a classic pairing with any outfit.




Handcrafted - Each 'Pure' Twin Bangle is lovingly and skillfully made by Elodie, founder and jeweller at Elodie Jewellery.

The Specs

Materials: Sterling silver.

Note: Each pair is unique, and therefore the shapes may very slightly to the ones shown.

Size: Medium


Storage - When your pieces are not being worn, always pop them in either in it’s original pouch, or a storage place of your choice that is free from dust and dirt. This will help avoid accelerated tarnishing. To avoid scratches, each piece should be stored separately and bangles should always be stored flat.

Sterling Silver - Exposure to air, dust or other elements, particularly those containing sulfur, may cause sterling silver to tarnish more rapidly. There are a number of non-abrasive polishes on the market specifically designed to remove tarnish. Alternatively, give toothpaste a go. It requires a tiny bit more effort, but is a good go to if you don’t have other cleaners on hand. Apply a small amount on an old soft toothbrush with a bit of water and lightly scrub the piece. Then wash it off under water to and dry with a soft cloth. Always store your silver jewellery in it’s case to avoid tarnishing.

Country of Origin: Australia

About elodie jewellery

Elodie Darwish is a Melbourne based Jewellery Designer obsessed with the beauty of imperfection. She works predominantly by hand in both precious and non precious metals; creating simple, elemental pieces which are as expressive as they are individual. Think striking, organic creations that ooze a fascination with natural forms and reflect the diversity of nature. By working intuitively with her materials, Elodie allows each piece to take its own form, leading to subtle variations from one finished piece to the next.


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