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About Us

Our Philosophy

Urbano Village was born in response to this little girl

living in this humble abode.

She lives in the city of Phnom Penn, Cambodia & calls its largest rubbish dump her home. With no help at hand from her government, her future isn't bright, but thanks to an aid-funded school on the edge of the rubbish dump, she & her friends (known as the rubbish dump kids) get to go to school where they're provided a daily shower, uniform, education & a weekly bag of rice for their families. Despite having very little, the joy in that school is like none we've ever experienced, & we want to spread it around. 


In fact, we want everyone to have a piece of it; to live in a world where we're all valued above profit & the bottom line. At our heart is the belief:

"I may only be one person, but I can be one person who makes a difference."


We all have a super power & it goes by the name of consumer power; & each day we make choices about how we use it. Everyday big business & governments make decisions based around how you & I spend our money. We provide you with a village where you can use your super power to change stuff in this world that you really care about.


Our Name

Once you've figured out what matters to you, get busy & start creating a better world. To help, we've curated our quality artisan products into seven categories so you can shop your values - & collectively we will have all seven covered. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels like their futures are bright.


Our Values


People Loving - Help your fellow humans not only survive, but thrive, by giving them a fair deal for their blood, sweat & tears. By supporting these products, you become part of someone’s story of dignity, perseverance & provision for their loved-ones.

Planet Loving - Whether they’re made from sustainable, upcycled or recyclable materials, products in this category are just like giving the planet a great big hug, only without needing impossibly long arms.

Animal Loving - Show your love to all creatures great, small & in-between by supporting these cruelty-free or vegan products.

Locally Made - Discovering products made close to home, wherever that may be.

Handcrafted - Painstakingly crafted by skilled artisans in workshops, kitchens, living rooms & secret lairs all over the world, every piece in this category is unique with a personality & story all of its own.

Cause Supporting - Change the world while updating your look. A percentage of profits from all items in this category go to support worthwhile charities & causes.

The Good Life - Treat your body like the temple that it is with organic & all natural products, & take some time to be present in the moment ... to be mindful & grateful.

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