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  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box
  • 10,000 Toes Gift Box

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10,000 Toes Gift Box


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  • Planet Loving
  • Animal Loving
  • Handcrafted
  • Cause Supporting
  • The Good Life
Additional Donation


Here at Urbano Village, Diabetes is a cause close to our hearts, as David, one of our co-founders, is a Type 2 Diabetic. Over the years we've watched him run the gauntlet of balancing his insulin levels, a journey that most of us can be thankful isn't ours.

Pacific Islands counties have been declared a "disaster region" for lifestyle diseases. Every 20 minutes in the South Pacific, someone is having an amputation due to diabetes. And we don't like this statistic. Type 2 Diabetes & other non-communicable diseases account for more than 75% of the disease burden in the Pacific today.

Urbano Village & 10,000 Toes have partnered together to turn the tide of diabetes in the South Pacific by providing villages & clinics with a diagnostic kit for early Type 2 Diabetes detection.

By receiving this gift box, you're ensuring that $15 goes directly to provide a diagnostic kit that will save the life of those affected by this dreadful disease.

If you're feeling a little more generous, we have the option for you to add an additional donation to your purchase. All of these donations will go directly to 10,000 Toes to provide even more kits to the clinics that need them.


Coconut Dark   |   Coffee Dark   |   Raspberry Dark
A chocolate that is not only delicious, but completely ethically minded & good value for money. Almost hard to believe isn't it?! Believe it! Check the specs for each flavours ingredients.


Peach & Cedro   |   Blood Orange
A smooth, creamy, vanilla bean nougat that not only tastes like heaven, but looks like it too. Wow your friends & family with this gorgeously decadent treat ... if you can bear to share it.


Thai Red Curry Paste   |   Thai Green Curry Paste
Spice up your life ... & your cooking with these delicious flavours. With all locally sourced ingredients from the lush tropics of Northern NSW, your dishes will become the talk of the town. Check out the specs for the individual ingredients.


Eucalyptus with Activated Coconut Charcoal   |   Peppermint with Hemp Seed Oil
These soaps smell so wonderful in the steam that you'll spend way too long in the shower. Each is packed full of all organic botanicals that will have your skin singing. Check the specs to see the wonderful properties of each bar of soap.
Each bar of soap has been generously donated by Scott Penman from Central Engineering Murwillumbah.


The world's first non-alcoholic spirit, & the answer of what to drink when you're not drinking. Created with a traditional distillery process, this is a complex blend of aromatic, Jamaican All Spice Berry & Cardamon, two barks & citrus peel. Check the links for all the drinks you can make.


Original   |   Coconut   |   Rose
Each of these delicious flavours has a base of smooth cacao husk. Take your cup of tea to the next level by adding a dash of milk & a pinch of brown sugar or honey. Check the specs for the individual ingredients of each flavour.



People Loving

Bennetto Natural Foods Co: all the cocoa beans are provided by the Peruvian Fairtrade Cooperative ... who makes it a priority to provide education & opportunities for women, & reforestation of the Amazon.

Church Farmalways fair trade ... all the time.


Planet Loving

Bennetto Natural Foods Co: all about carbon neutrality, offsetting their production by planting tree after tree.

Church Farmall ingredients & produce are sourced from Andrew's own veggie farm ... & if he's short he'll just pop over to the neighbours ... local style.

Seedlip: working closely with all their suppliers to make sure that the herbs, spices, peels & barks are all sourced as ethically as possible.

The Husk Mill: every batch is made using organic & wild harvested ingredients ... ensuring the smallest possible impact to the planet.


Animal Loving

Bennetto Natural Foods Co: all ingredients & products are tested on people, not animals. They love their furry friends too!

Church Farm: all is cruelty free ... meaning that all testing was done on the two-legged, friends & family variety.

Seedlip: taste testing was done only by humans, which makes this delicious concoction cruelty-free.

The Husk Mill: all vegan, & all cruelty-free. Which means a guilt-free tea!



Bennetto Natural Foods Co: the packaging of each bar is covered in gorgeous hand-paintings by New Zealand artist, Henrietta Harris.

Bramble & Hedge: handmade in small batches, no two nougat experiences are ever the same ... but the taste is always good.

Church Farmall curries & soaps are made in small batches by hand.

Seedlip: the master distiller oversees every batch, ensuring that each bottle is filled with only the best. 

The Husk Mill: every batch is hand-blended to create the best possible flavour with the best quality.


The Good Life

Bennetto Natural Foods Co: with only organic & vegan ingredients, this soy, gluten & vegan free chocolate is scrumptious & guilt-free.

Church Farm: explode your taste buds with this fresh flavoured, organically produced curry. And enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this organic, botanical soap.

Sami's Kitchen: a savoury, healthy snack that your mind & tummy will thank you for.

Seedlip: sugar, calorie & sweetener free. No artificial flavours. No allergens. Plenty of flavour for your next night of mocktails.

The Husk Mill: provide your body with antioxidants, minerals & vitamins with the one easy step of taking some you time & having a cup of tea.




NB: All products are assigned by alternate drop.

NB: Check individual product pages for further details.

The Specs

Bennetto Natural Foods Co

Coconut Dark

Ingredients: 60% cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, toasted coconut flakes.

Size: 30g.

Coffee Dark

Ingredients: 60% cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, crunchy milled Peruvian coffee beans.

Size: 30g.

Raspberry Dark

Ingredients: 60% cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, organic freeze dried raspberry pieces.

Size: 30g.

Bramble & Hedge

Peach & Cedro

Blood Orange

Ingredients: Blood Orange, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Sangiovese Verjuice, White couverture chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla), Sugar, Glucose, Honey, Free range egg whites.

Size: 150g.

Church Farm

Thai Red Curry Paste | Thai Green Curry Paste | Eucalyptus | Peppermint



Recipes 1 | Recipes 2

The Husk Mill

Original Cacao Blend | Coconut Cacao Blend | Cacao Rose Blend

About Our Brands

Urbano Village

Urbano Village exists so together we can use our consumer super power to create a world where everyones future are bright: our planet & everyone & everything living on it.

Bennetto Natural Foods Co

Ethical | Crafted | Organic | Delicious

Bennetto Natural Foods co promises all of the above & much more. Being a small player in the rather large world of chocolate, knowing what makes them special is imperative to success: thoughtfully caring for every part of what they do. Crafted with the intention to inspire thoughtful treatment of people, animals & the planet, Bennetto partners with Peruvian Fairtrade cooperatives & Swiss chocolate makers ... so you know that this ethical chocolate will have your taste buds tingling.

Lucy Bennetto is the brains behind this outfit, & it's her firm belief that the ethical practices behind her chocolate not only improve lives but also the quality & flavour of the cocoa. Lucy & her Christchurch, New Zealand based team is all about the ethical production of her chocolate, & once you taste it you'll be all about her chocolate too.

Bramble & Hedge

Bramble & Hedge create sweetness & luxury. Before starting Bramble & Hedge, founder Hayley travelled the world while plying her trade as a private chef. Taking inspiration from the exotic locations around her, Hayley brought her skills to bear on the art of confectionary & thus Bramble & Hedge was born.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Bramble & Hedge source the finest local & international ingredients to create decadent nougat topped with a colourful cacophony of natural goodies. Hayley strives to make the best confectionary possible resulting in nougat treats that are as visually striking as they are undeniably delicious.

Church Farm

The Church Farm General Store is the love-child of Amanda Callan & Andrew Morris. Named for the old timber church they call home in Billinudgel, Church Farm uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to produce organic handmade products ranging from soaps to delicious sauces. Amanda & Andrew believe that, just as you should know what you put into your body, you should also know what you are putting on your skin. Aiming to tread lightly on the earth, all of Church Farms products are made from the best quality natural, home grown & locally sourced ingredients & are tested on willing friends & family, not animals!


Seedlip was created as one of the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Inspired by the non-alcoholic remedies from The Art of Distillation from 1651 & repurposed for todays day & age. They have pioneered the new category of drinks ... 'what to drink when you're not drinking dilemma'.

They have carefully sourced all their ingredients & only work with the best to ensure that you only drink the best.

The Husk Mill

Using the outer husk of Australian grown cacao beans, The Husk Mill have created a unique tea experience.

Hand-blended locally with organic ingredients, their signature blends have been crafted to deliver a delicate, sophisticated cacao experience. One sip is subtly reminiscent of enjoying a piece of quality dark chocolate whilst being entirely natural & free of caffeine, artificial flavours & preservatives. Not only do the Husk Mill’s cacao teas taste delicious but are full of antioxidants, minerals & vitamins so you can enjoy this treat 100% guilt-free.


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