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Dry January - Not As Bad As You Think

Posted on 09 January 2019

Dry January. It's been around for about six years now, & is only gaining in popularity. For those who haven't heard of this phenomenon, we'll lay it out for you.



Started in the UK by charity Alcohol Change UK in 2013 with over four million people signing up over the recent years, this event encourages participants to abstain from alcohol consumption over the month of January.


You may be questioning if you really want to go through with this, but there are some surprising health benefits to giving up the booze, even for just one month.


Richard de Visser, a psychology professor at the University of Sussex did a study of over 800 participants who signed up for Dry January in 2018; & six months later, these were their results ...


58% said they lost weight.


Weekly drink average dropped from 4.3 to 3.3.


57% reported better concentration.


54% said they had better skin.


80% felt more in control of their drinking.


71% realised they didn't need a drink to enjoy themselves.


88% said they saved money.


71% reported sleeping better.


67% said they had more energy.


If those numbers don't convince you to take a break from the grog, then maybe this titbit of information will help you.


Seedlip Drinks.
Non-alcoholic distilled spirits.



Which means that you can still enjoy your afternoon drink without the alcohol.


We've previously done a blog post telling you all about how Seedlip Drinks came about, so we'll just give the quick rundown. Created as a distilled, non-alcoholic spirit using methods from The Art of Distillation 1651, & using only botanicals, this is a spirit that you'll happily indulge in.



Check out some of Seedlip's amazing recipes here.
As an added bonus for Dry January, we've added some new ones that are just as delish!


So put down the grog for the rest of the month & shop Seedlip today.




By R'chelle Louwen



The Wall Street Journal "The Dry January Effect"


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