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Double Standards ... Are We Guilty?

Posted on 23 January 2019

Double Standards: (n) a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.
You may be wondering why we're bringing this up. If we unfairly applied a principle to our business, why would we want to bring it to your attention? Because we want to be absolutely transparent with you. Transparency is a key principle in all our operations, & that includes as to how we interact with our customers.

As you know, one of our values is animal loving, which we define as being cruelty-free or vegan. And yet, we stock products that are neither of these, such as leather bags & jewellery, & tasty things with dairy.

So, today, we want to be totally clear as to why we stock products that don't match all of the values we hold dear.

Our values were created for you the customer. So that you could decide what products you wanted, & what values you wanted to purchase them by.

If as a consumer, you're concerned about those who make your clothes, that you believe they deserve a fair wage & good working conditions, the people loving value was created for you.

If you're all about reducing your impact on the planet by shopping sustainable, upcycled or recyclable, then click through to the planet loving value.

Cruelty-free & vegan are all about looking after our furry friends (or not so furry ... depends on your taste of friend!). Which means that animal loving was made with just you in mind.

Handcrafted products cater to those who want to support the artisans who put their own blood, sweat & tears into the items they create.

If your interest lies in supporting those in your local vicinity & it's too rainy to head down to the local markets, try shopping locally made.

If you want your purchase to really make a difference, shop with a brand that is cause supporting, as a percentage of their sales will go to a deserving charity.

We define The Good Life as treating your body well with organic & natural products, & encouraging you to take some time out to be present. If that sounds like something that you need in your life, then shop there.

The point is, we created all of these values to suit any one of our customers, to align with any one or combination of your values. So happy shopping!

By R'chelle Louwen

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