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Stock Pot


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This Stock Pot may look vintage, but it is the cutting edge of eco style, design & technology. There is more consideration & effort gone into creating this pot than brokering world peace. That's how much Riess wants you to enjoy it & feel good about your purchase! Watch the video in The Specs section & you'll know what we mean!




Handcrafted - Each Riess piece is handmade from a single section of the finest grade Austrian or German steel & coated with up to four layers of glass enamel. In order to be perfect, every piece not only requires enormous expertise, but also love of craftsmanship ... that's what you get from your Riess Stock Pot.

Planet Loving - Neutral environmental impact kitchenware exclusively made from natural materials is what Riess stands for, in fact today Riess is the only cookware manufacturer whose production shows a positive CO2 balance - to get that takes a whole lot of considered planning & implementation. Finally, after decades of use, & the time has come to discard your loved jug, it can be recycled into scrap metal. Got to love a pot that from start to finish has such a beautiful story to tell!

People Loving - Reiss has never paid mere lip service to social commitment: since 1930 it's provided company housing for employees that are struggling financially, & at the request of it's employees, restructured work hours from standard work hours to shift to provide a better work-family life balance ... & that's just scratching the surface!

The Good Life - Perfect for healthier & energy-saving cooking, enamel kitchenware is easy to clean & antibacterial due to the non-porous, smooth glass surface. If treated properly, it will last for generations - now that's spot on with the whole philosophy of "Buy less, choose well"!


The Specs

Materials: Iron & glass

Size:Small: 18cm - 2.5L | Large: 22cm / 4.5L

Colour: White

Exclusively made from natural materials
Suitable for all heat sources, especially induction, ceramic, electric, gas and oven
Dishwasher Safe
Easy to clean & antibacterial due to non-porous, smooth glass surface
energy saving & healthier cooking strong core & specially designed iron base cooks food more efficiently & gently
Scratch resistant
No colour fading
Odour neutral - glass coating means that food retains its natural, unadulterated taste
Heat resistant up to 450 degrees, although maximum recommended working temperature is 220 degrees
Nickle Free

Country of Origin: Austria

About Riess

In the small town of Ybbsitz at the foot of the Austrian Alps sits the Riess enamelware factory. The Riess family has been manufacturing enamelware for over 200 years (nine generations) - safe to say they know what they're doing! An innate commitment to the environment, their employees, the local region, & producing versatile, quality products perfect for healthier & energy saving cooking is at the heart of Riess’s success.

Today, Riess is the only cookware manufacturer whose production shows a positive CO2 balance. In order to perfect, every piece not only requires enormous expertise, but also a love of craftsmanship. Julian Riess best sums up the Reiss vision: “Our philosophy is ecological vision, a sustainable approach & social responsibility.” Not bad for a kitchen pot!


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