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The Good Life ... Revised

Posted on 18 April 2018

When two people running a company happen to be based on opposite sides of the globe it does present challenges, but it also comes with blessings ... but more of that soon.


Something R'chelle & I had been struggling with for a while was The Good Life value. What did we mean by it? Did it add anything to our offering, or did it instead water the ethical side of what we do down? It just wasn't sitting quite right with us, & we came to the conclusion that our current definition was too vague. But like a lot of things in life, other pressing matters got in the way of the process & it constantly found itself pushed to the back burner.


Now, back to the blessing part ... my husband had a work trip scheduled to Portugal & R'chelle was based just across a few boarders in Germany, so if I tagged along then it was the perfect opportunity to meet up & resolve this dilemma once & for all. I know what you're thinking ... "Now that's dedication Kylie!"


So while spending a few days in Lisbon eating the odd obligatory Portuguese tart, exploring the city & doing our best to live The Good Life we gained inspiration for what The Good Life is really all about for us.



Finally we've arrived at at new definition, & we're really excited to share it with you!
Treat your body like the temple that it is with organic & all natural products, & take some time to be present in the moment ... to be mindful & grateful.


This means that any product tagged with The Good Life smiley face is made with all natural products so you needn't worry about nasties & toxins (which isn't exactly true of Portuguese tarts!). 


But being full of good natural stuff is only one part of The Good Life. The other side of the coin is embracing the quieter moments in life, taking some time out just to be present. Whether it involves getting away with a friend (& in our case also business partner), exploring a new place or strolling through nature, spending time with those we love, curling up in a hammock for a lazy afternoon, or lighting a candle & running a bath ... whatever it happens to be, being present in the moment & enjoy the blessings we'll find there.



And remember, sometimes those blessings are easily found, & other times they take concerted effort on our part (like a trip to the other side of the world), but if we're willing to make the effort, the rewards are ours to be had. I mean hey, we got a new & improved value, imagine what you could end up with ...


View The Good Life products here


By Kylie Banks & R'chelle Louwen


Images: Hannah Puechmarin for Urbano Village, Pintrest & snaps from our Portugal trip!

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