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Keep Your Nails Healthy ... & Gorgeous!

Posted on 24 September 2018

Sienna Byron Bay is an Australian company located in Byron Bay on the North NSW coast. Inspired by the gorgeous Australian landscape, the whole company ethos is that of good food, good coffee, morning yoga, long days at the beach & balmy evenings with beautiful company.


Striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, all of Sienna's products are certified vegan, cruelty-free & sourced from only the finest non-animal ingredients. However, there's so much more to Sienna Byron Bay ... so keep reading & we'll tell you all about why we love them so!



You might question why you want to spend a little extra on Sienna Byron Bay nail polish, when you could pick up some for a couple of dollars down at the local two dollar store. The answer is ... you're not just buying nail polish with Sienna, you're also buying 100% eco conscious. Great care is taken to ensure that every bottle is plastic free & without flaw. When you buy nail polish from Sienna, you're guaranteed a better looking product, better quality product, & above all, great ethos.
We understand that when you're shopping online, it's hard to decide what colour polish to go with. Will it suit my skin colour, is this just something that I will only wear once? In order to help you out, we'll ask you a couple of questions to help you decide...
1. What colour do you normally wear?
2. Do you prefer a shimmer or a creme (shimmers are slightly shiny, glitter-esque...whereas cremes are full bodied, shimmerless colours)?
3. Do you prefer neutrals? Soft tones or brights?
Once you can answer these questions, you can narrow down your options & find the colour that you'll wear all month long.
We've all experienced this ... you put on a new coat of polish, & suddenly 2 hours later you've already chipped the edges of your bright red nails. To keep the colour lasting longer, & to keep your nails in tip top shape, here's a few handy tips:
Nail Care


Base coat. This can be used prior to your polish colour both to help the colour adhere & to protect your nails. If you don't feel like rocking a colour today, you can easily use the Base Coat plainly on your nails to strengthen them.
Top coat. We definitely recommend applying the top coat after the colour, as not only does it seal the colour, but extends the life of it too. Added bonus ... salon quality shine!
Cuticle oil. Can be used either before or after polish application. It gently softens & hydrates your cuticles, which will make your whole nail tingle in delight. Make sure that the nail is free of oil before painting.
Soy nail polish remover v acetone v water based remover. We know that acetone isn't great for your nails ... it can cause dry, brittle & crack-prone nails from all those chemicals. While water based isn't all that bad, we do prefer the soy remover as the hydrating qualities in the soy & vitamin E blend are great for stimulating general nail health.
Coats. It's recommended that you wait approximately 30-60 seconds between coats. By the time you've painted all your nails, they should have dried enough for you to start a second coat. Depending on the colour & your personal preference will depend on how many coats are required. Generally two coats is enough, but the sheers may require an extra coat. Don't forget the top coat afterwards.
Drying time. After a base coat, two coats of colour & a top coat, you'll want to wait for at least 15 minutes. After this time your nails will feel dry ... but keep in mind that your nails won't be completely dry for 2-3 hours. So avoid doing anything that could smudge your manicure in that time. 
There are so many reasons why we love Sienna Byron Bay products ... here's just a few!
Eco conscious
A huge point of difference between Sienna & other nail polish brands is their use of reclaimed timber & being plastic free. Not only does the timber cap look absolutely fantastic but it reduces the companies carbon footprint. 
Glitter free
Glitter is tiny plastic particles, & whenever we use glitter, a significant amount of it ends up in our waterways & oceans. Because Sienna is all about loving the planet, they use crushed crystal to create that gorgeous shimmer.
Totally vegan
All Sienna Byron Bay polishes & removers are 100% vegan. There are no animal products or by-products to be seen.




Totally nasty free
Boasting the cleanest conventional formula on the market, Sienna embraces the "7 free" ... meaning that there's no: benzophenone-1, formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, synthetic camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene or tosylamide. Those are all really big words that don't make a lot of sense to even us, but we guarantee that it's better for you & the environment that these chemicals not be in there.
Breathable & water permeable
Put simply, this formula allows for both air & water molecules to pass through the polish. This makes it fast drying, longer wearing & allows your nails to breathe ... resulting in stronger & healthier nails.




If this isn't enough to convince you to colour your life with Sienna Byron Bay ... we don't know what will!


Shop our full range here.



By R'chelle Louwen


Sienna Byron Bay

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