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  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box
  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box
  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box
  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box
  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box
  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box
  • Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box

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Ladies...Treat Yo Self Gift Box


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  • Planet Loving
  • Animal Loving
  • Handcrafted
  • The Good Life
Nail Polish


Perfume: sashay around town while smelling all naturally sweet. This perfume oil is totally natural, meaning that you can smell good without worrying about what it's doing to your skin.
Nougat:  smooth & creamy, this is a decadent treat that will impress all you share it with.
Room Spray: cover the smell of the kids smelly shoes, the husbands gym bag or the dogs bed with an all natural & sweet smelling room spray.
Bath Salts: lay back in the bath, light a candle & soak in the essential oils & salts without a worry. And if you do have worries, a bath with the right bath salts will do a long way to remedying that.
Nail Polish:  vegan, cruelty-free, breathable ... the cleanest, least toxic nail polish on the market. Your nails will love you for it, & you'll love the colour too!




Planet Loving

Salus: 100% recyclable plastics & paper, & all botanical based products - we love it & so does our planet.

Sienna Byron Bay: eco-friendly from start to finish, enough said!


Animal Loving

Salus: animal testing is not an option.

Sienna Byron Bay: all vegan & cruelty-free accredited.



AYU: made only after careful research, each scent is handmade to balance the energies in your life.

Bramble & Hedge: small batches mean greater attention to detail.

Sienna Byron Bay: hand mixed in small batches & individually turned caps means a lot of care goes into your polish.


The Good Life

AYU: kind to your olfactory senses & your skin too, as there's no nasties here.

Salus: only botanicals & essential oils here ... which means one less thing to worry about.

Sienna Byron Bay: put your feet up & pamper yourself, without worrying about weakened nails due to Sienna's breathable formula, & being a '7 free' you're looking after you!


 NB: Check individual product pages for further details.

The Specs

About Our Brands

Urbano Village

Urbano Village exists so together we can use our consumer super power to create a world where everyones future are bright: our planet & everyone & everything living on it.


Inspired by the extensive studies of Indian Vedic scripts, AYU was born from the belief that intention imbues the soul of a scent. Sourced globally & hand blended in Sydney Australia, AYU’s scented natural oils are made & measured with the ancient art of perfume, with the purpose of balancing the mind, body & spirit.

Bramble & Hedge

Bramble & Hedge create sweetness & luxury. Before starting Bramble & Hedge, founder Hayley travelled the world while plying her trade as a private chef. Taking inspiration from the exotic locations around her, Hayley brought her skills to bear on the art of confectionary & thus Bramble & Hedge was born.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Bramble & Hedge source the finest local & international ingredients to create decadent nougat topped with a colourful cacophony of natural goodies. Hayley strives to make the best confectionary possible resulting in nougat treats that are as visually striking as they are undeniably delicious.


Salus bottles the indulgence & luxury of the spa experience, so you can nurture your mind, body, heart & spirit without having to leave the house! Salus is all about encouraging you to take time out to stop & reconnect with the natural rhythms of life.

Discover high performance formulations that are therapeutically active & contain powerful botanicals, natural plant extracts & essential oils. Plus, all of Salus’ products are free from nasty artificial fragrances & colours, sodium laurel sulfates, parabens & mineral oils.

Sienna Byron Bay

What started as a dream in the bedroom of a humble abode in Byron Bay, Australia has developed into a symphony of colours representative of the beautiful local environment and community - soft blues to portray our ocean, rainbow brights for our earth children & deep amethyst purples to calm your soul. Being in harmony with the environment and our surroundings is a pillar of the Sienna lifestyle. The Sienna lifestyle embodies that of the Byron Bay spirit - good food, good coffee, early morning yoga, long days spent at the beach & balmy evenings spent with beautiful company.

Sienna strives to be as eco-friendly as possible with a vision of a wholesome lifestyle with the outside world. Keeping a low carbon foot print, Sienna’s non-toxic nail polishes have the cleanest conventional formula on the market, with none of the typical toxic chemicals found in many other polishes. All the components of Sienna products are vegan, cruelty free and sourced from only the finest non-animal ingredients.


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