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  • Dots Black
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  • Dots Black
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  • Dots Black
  • Dots Black

The Link Collective

Dots Black

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  • Planet Loving
  • Handcrafted


This abstract collaboration with British printed textile & graphic designer Lucinda Newton-Dunn is a 3D feast for the eye by cleverly creating the illusion of depth & folds. The Dots design is hand printed onto Japanese cotton & can be worn as a scarf or with the addition of a handmade Leather Strap it morphs into a convenient & eye-catching bag.




Handcrafted - All of Link Collective’s Furoshiki textiles are hand-printed & sewn in Japan by a family owned business, collecting over 50 years of Furoshiki experience.

Planet Loving - Each Link Collective Furoshiki is made to be reusable & multipurpose. Reduce waste by using it again & again as a sturdy bag, stylish scarf or as gift wrapping.

The Specs

Materials: 100% cotton

Size: 90cm x 90cm (35.4 x 35.4")

Uses: Furoshiki (風呂敷, fu-rosh-ki) is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used in multiple ways - you can tie it into a handbag, use it as a scarf, a baby blanket, a wall hanging or gift-wrapping all sorts of things.

This particular lighter-weight Furoshiki softens up the more you wear & wash it. We think this Furoshiki works perfectly as a scarf or tied as a bag or for more delicate wrapping. One simply beautiful piece of cloth & the list is endless.

Purchase a leather strap & follow these easy steps to use the Furoshiki as a bag.

EASY AS 1-2-3

The removable leather straps are easy to use & don’t damage the cloth, so you can switch between using your Furoshiki as a scarf or bag (although you may want to gently iron out any creases).


Take your leather strap & furoshiki & fold the furoshiki in half.


Thread corners 'A' through the left buckle, & corners 'B' through the right buckle.


Finally pull the threaded fabric down through the buckles to shape the bag.

A Word from the Artist: Dots is the third in a series of designs by Lucinda, based on the concept of folding; “This design forms a three dimensional landscape of shape and line, creating an abstracted pattern of wandering valleys, mountains, ridges, peaks and troughs.”

Country of Origin: Japan.

About The Link Collective

Like the name implies, the Link Collective is all about forming connections. Bringing together a skilled network of artists & designers from around the world to create exquisite Furoshiki textiles, the Link Collective is crossing cultures & generations, & more importantly, keeping traditional craftsmanship & knowledge alive.

All of Link’s Furoshiki textiles are hand-printed & sewn in Japan by a family owned business, collecting over 50 years of Furoshiki experience. By seamlessly merging contemporary textile design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Link shows us what can be achieved when the new respects the old.


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